Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Flight of Dreams

"When I look at the sky I realize how far could be my flight, but when I look at the ground I actualize that I need to build up my Wings & the Energy to fly."

As I brushed through this "Chand Aur Kavi" poem by the famous Hindi Poet Shri Ramdhari Singh Dinkar it gave me an instant kick. I felt rejuvinated and recuperated from my day long work, for once I was out from my usual routine thinking and was feeling featherlite.Life is complicated coz we tend to make it complicated but its fun if we make it a fun.

I have been working on Strategies and Processes to maximize my business objectives but I never thought that a simple poetry could give me a deep rooted management lesson in simple language which the mangement books couldn't teach me. The crux of the peom is " Dream, Believe in it,Plan,Work Hard and dont give up till you realize it" and to firm it up further "You need to fall in love with your dreams to realize that dream".

Enjoy the poerty from the renowned poet to sum it all....

चाँद और कवि   

रात यों कहने लगा मुझसे गगन का चाँद,
आदमी भी क्या अनोखा जीव होता है!
उलझनें अपनी बनाकर आप ही फँसता,
और फिर बेचैन हो जगता, न सोता है।
जानता है तू कि मैं कितना पुराना हूँ?
मैं चुका हूँ देख मनु को जनमते-मरते
और लाखों बार तुझ-से पागलों को भी
चाँदनी में बैठ स्वप्नों पर सही करते।
आदमी का स्वप्न? है वह बुलबुला जल का
आज बनता और कल फिर फूट जाता है
किन्तु, फिर भी धन्य ठहरा आदमी ही तो?
बुलबुलों से खेलता, कविता बनाता है।
मैं न बोला किन्तु मेरी रागिनी बोली,
देख फिर से चाँद! मुझको जानता है तू?
स्वप्न मेरे बुलबुले हैं? है यही पानी?
आग को भी क्या नहीं पहचानता है तू?
मैं न वह जो स्वप्न पर केवल सही करते,
आग में उसको गला लोहा बनाता हूँ,
और उस पर नींव रखता हूँ नये घर की,
इस तरह दीवार फौलादी उठाता हूँ।
मनु नहीं, मनु-पुत्र है यह सामने, जिसकी
कल्पना की जीभ में भी धार होती है,
बाण ही होते विचारों के नहीं केवल,
स्वप्न के भी हाथ में तलवार होती है।
स्वर्ग के सम्राट को जाकर खबर कर दे-
रोज ही आकाश चढ़ते जा रहे हैं वे,
रोकिये, जैसे बने इन स्वप्नवालों को,
स्वर्ग की ही ओर बढ़ते आ रहे हैं वे।

Monday, August 22, 2011

Need to Harness the Energy of Indian Youth

The current developments in India have churned the whole system and energized the youth in India, a perfect demonstration of aggression with discipline is a reflection of the maturity of Indian youth. The impeccable and calibrated awakening of the democracy is the resultant of this Jan Lokpal Movement. I wonder if the spirit would sustain the test of time!! It is now the responsibility of the civil society to channelize this unprecedented flow of energy for constructive cause.

It is imperative now, that we are vigilant and choose our Representatives to the Parliament or the Legislative carefully and ensure that the composition of our Executive is of honest and sincere citizens who can connect to the real cause of common man in specific and the Nation in general.

Its time that we ask ourselves rather than blaming it all on the politicians, are we not the root cause of all the corruption in the country. We have been sowing the seeds which has now become a humongous tree and entangled our roots. Its time for a seismic change in our culture and values.

The ethos of our culture is lost in the race of making our lives comfortable and practicality has given space to the typical Indian habit of " Sab Chalta Hai" and " Is Desh Ka Kuch Nahi Ho Sakta", its high time we revisit our moral values and relinquish the individualistic approach. We as Indians have to work as a TEAM(Together Each one Achieves More).


So Rise awake and work towards building a new and strong India.....JAI HIND !!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

A New Phase of Succession of Nationalistic Mantra

When the majority is looking at the current so called uproar in the BJP as a disintegration of the most disciplined political outfits in the modern India, I see this as a welcome transition of the phase for a new beginning. This would to my mind evolve a welcome change in the organizational behavior and the need to enforce a robust and long term direction which comprises an inclusive nationalistic politics guided by affirmative leadership.

An appropriate analogy which comes to my mind is similar to an accumulated dirt in the pond which does not have an entry of fresh flowing water and exit for the accumulated stuff, like wise BJP after its meteoric rise in the early 90's closed all its openings and presumed that they have achieved the objective. As is said a stream of fresh flowing water does not let the dirt accumulate and ensures that no harmful bacteria and viruses get a chance to mutate. Fresh flowing water in fact can be utilized to generate electricity and if the might of the flowing water is not controlled and regulated can cause the devastation as well.

Its time BJP realizes that nothing is permanent and the only thing permanent is change and the successful mantra for evolution is adaptability to change. Politics and for that matter life itself has become dynamic, so it is all the more imperative to induce the seeds of dynamism by evolving a model where in as a political organization it should follow the principles of physics and allow adequate friction for the motion and its for the leadership to regulate the friction so that it doesn’t cease the motion.

Conclusively its time for change and a sense of accountability has to prevail as in any business organization good or bad the people at the top morally should take responsibility and step aside and give an opportunity to the critics to experiment so that they can prove otherwise. Each one has to realize that the national and organizational interest is beyond any individual. A new example has to be set which would go a longway in resurrecting the organization and reigniting the principles and the ideology of Inclusive Nationalism.

To conclude my thoughts the direction one needs to adapt is well described in a poem by Krishna Bakshi:

मेरी ज़िद

तेरी कोशिश, चुप हो जाना,
मेरी ज़िद है, शंख बजाना ...

ये जो सोये, उनकी नीदें
सीमा से भी ज्यादा गहरी
अब तक जाग नहीं पाये वे
सर तक है आ गई दुपहरी;
कब से उन्हें, पुकार रहा हूँ
तुम भी कुछ, आवाज़ मिलाना...

तट की घेराबंदी करके बैठे हैं सारे के सारे,
कोई मछली छूट न जाये इसी दाँव में हैं मछुआरे.....
मैं उनको ललकार रहा हूँ,
तुम जल्दी से जाल हटाना.....

ये जो गलत दिशा अनुगामी
दौड़ रहे हैं, अंधी दौड़ें,
अच्छा हो कि हिम्मत करके
हम इनकी हठधर्मी तोड़ें.....
मैं आगे से रोक रहा हूँ -
तुम पीछे से हाँक लगाना ....

- कृष्ण वक्षी

Friday, June 5, 2009

Exposition of Thought a way to luminosity

Expression of thoughts is the desire of each individual but seldom does one get the vehicle to express it, in the good old days it was expressed in poetry and then the dramatics and then the celluloid. All these though effective mediums but were subject to public recognition and perception which was more often restrictive.

Now all these mediums have surrendered themselves to the entertainment qoutient, which has become the need of the hour, infact the immense commercialization has made it a puppet of the market forces and sensetionalizing is a tool to publicize. But the advent of the internet and blog has created an opportunity which would be the future growth engine for the exposition of thoughts.

It has always taken a revolution to bring about the change in the perception and the traditions and I guess we are in the transitional phase of yet another revolution.

Yet another poem by Dwarika Prasad Maheshwari to conclude my thoughts:
इतने ऊँचे उठो

इतने ऊँचे उठो कि जितना उठा गगन है।
देखो इस सारी दुनिया को एक दृष्टि से सिंचित करो धरा,
समता की भाव वृष्टि से जाति भेद की,
धर्म-वेश की काले गोरे रंग-द्वेष की ज्वालाओं से जलते जग में इतने शीतल बहो कि जितना मलय पवन है॥
नये हाथ से, वर्तमान का रूप सँवारो नयी तूलिका से चित्रों के रंग उभारो नये राग को नूतन स्वर दो भाषा को नूतन अक्षर दो युग की नयी मूर्ति-रचना में इतने मौलिक बनो कि जितना स्वयं सृजन है॥
लो अतीत से उतना ही जितना पोषक है जीर्ण-शीर्ण का मोह मृत्यु का ही द्योतक है तोड़ो बन्धन, रुके न चिन्तन गति,
जीवन का सत्य चिरन्तन धारा के शाश्वत प्रवाह में इतने गतिमय बनो कि जितना परिवर्तन है।
चाह रहे हम इस धरती को स्वर्ग बनानाअगर कहीं हो स्वर्ग,
उसे धरती पर लाना सूरज, चाँद, चाँदनी, तारे सब हैं प्रतिपल साथ हमारे दो कुरूप को रूप सलोना इतने सुन्दर बनो कि जितना आकर्षण है॥

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Alas I relenquish my inhibitions and join the blogger's gang, I must say it is not as easy as it looks but once you get going you dont feel like restricting the flow. I start the process by sharing a fantabulous poetry by Shivmangal Singh 'Suman' which miror's my thoughts:

जिस-जिस से पथ पर स्नेह मिला, उस-उस राही को धन्यवाद।
जीवन अस्थिर अनजाने ही, हो जाता पथ पर मेल कहीं,सीमित पग डग, लम्बी मंज़िल, तय कर लेना कुछ खेल नहीं।दाएँ-बाएँ सुख-दुख चलते, सम्मुख चलता पथ का प्रसाद –जिस-जिस से पथ पर स्नेह मिला, उस-उस राही को धन्यवाद।
साँसों पर अवलम्बित काया, जब चलते-चलते चूर हुई,दो स्नेह-शब्द मिल गये, मिली नव स्फूर्ति, थकावट दूर हुई।पथ के पहचाने छूट गये, पर साथ-साथ चल रही याद –जिस-जिस से पथ पर स्नेह मिला, उस-उस राही को धन्यवाद।
जो साथ न मेरा दे पाये, उनसे कब सूनी हुई डगर?मैं भी न चलूँ यदि तो क्या, राही मर लेकिन राह अमर।इस पथ पर वे ही चलते हैं, जो चलने का पा गये स्वाद –जिस-जिस से पथ पर स्नेह मिला, उस-उस राही को धन्यवाद।
कैसे चल पाता यदि न मिला होता मुझको आकुल अंतर?कैसे चल पाता यदि मिलते, चिर-तृप्ति अमरता-पूर्ण प्रहर!आभारी हूँ मैं उन सबका, दे गये व्यथा का जो प्रसाद –जिस-जिस से पथ पर स्नेह मिला, उस-उस राही को धन्यवाद।